1. walk-through mobile positive pressurized and negative
    pressurized isolation booth for diagnosis of COVID19

-  The 'mobile-type negative pressure

   isolation booth', which was

   developed by a public health clinic

   in Busan  in South  Korea,

   is to collect COVID-19 samples from

   the suspected quickly and safely. 

-  In fact, medical personnel wearing

   protective clothing and suspected

   are in the same place. This in turn,

   generates a  high risk of secondary


-  As a result, it took a long time to

   disinfect the space in a relatively

   large collection center and  took a

   sample from  the  next patient.

   The air circulation using the

   negative pressure device was

   12 ~ 13 times per hour, which took

   a lot of  time to kill the virus in the

   center through the aerosol.

-  So, to solve this issue mentioned

   above, the Negative Pressure

   Isolation Booth was developed

   in the form of a  small  booth

   that only patients could enter,

   and medical staff can collect a

   patient's sample through a booth

   hole outside.   This is the Negative

   Pressure method. 

-  On the other hand, the Positive

   Pressure method is that medical

   staff is inside the booth and a

   patient is outside.

-  We only need to change the

   gloves, and thanks to the small

   booth space, the air circulation

   rate of the Negative  pressure

   device becomes more than 400

   times per hour. 

-  The virus is killed

   within 1 minute.

How to use the booth
1. walk-through mobile positive
   pressurized isolation booth
   for diagnosis of COVID19
    - Protection of medical
      staff such as doctors and
    - Medical staff sample
      inside the booth
2. walk-through mobile
    negative pressurized 
    isolation booth for
    diagnosis of COVID19
    - Isolate the infected
      person and sample the
      virus in the booth
3. A booth that can be used
    for both negative and
    positive pressurized

Where do we use it?

Public Health Center
Pathology Labs

     Why do you need

          this device?








•- Reduce collection time

•- Reduce cleaning time

•- Save PPE usage



•- Non-contact method

•- Prevent a secondary


•- Protect Medical Staff

•- Kill COVID-19 Virus

   within 1 minute



•- Simple installation

•- Easy handling and


•- Using both N/P

   pressure Method


 Peace of mind


•- For medical staff

•- For the collection center

•- For Clinic hospitals

Make Safe         Places

Just like a refrigerator, plug it into an electric outlet anytime, anywhere.

No installation work required!

You can do it with solar energy without electricity.

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