About KMAT

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Founded in 2012, KMAT Co., Ltd. is doing our best to grow into the world's best machinery industry, agriculture and health industry solution company by continuous R & D and investment. We are doing our best to become a corporation that strives for the future human's health and food crisis and works for the well-being of humanity. KMAT's efforts to become a company that is capable of future values and challenges rather than the present value and stability, an health and environment company that is familiar to all people, and a company with sharing are working with you.

                                       KMAT CO., LTD    CEO Kim,Sangmin


KMAT Co., Ltd. provides the best technology to the best customers.

1. Engineering

2. Dryer

3. Food processing machine

4. Solar energy application (Mobile water treatment system)

5. Health and virus prevention equipments


Solving future problems of humanity

1. Prevention of environmental pollution and prevention 

2. Introduced renewable energy system for animal welfare

3. Food crisis overcome using food processing machine

4. Production and use of environment-friendly renewable energy

    using solar light

5. Enhance corporate value by strengthening technology capacity

    of Korea's best in the world

6. Development and dissemination of equipment to prevent

    infectious diseases

Equipment production technology

1. Food waste, sludge and various wastes drying using the system

2. Renewable energy drying technology using animal manure

3. Mobile solar water treatment system

4. Development of electric system and household equipment using

    solar energy

5. Development and production of food processing machinery 

6. Unique Screw Dryer Technology and Production





Efforts for a world that lives together
검색 팀

Companies striving for international development cooperation


1. Development and dissemination of equipment to prevent

    infectious diseases

2. Propagate agricultural technology and increase productivity
3. Sharing of technology to prevent pollution

4. Establishment of an international coordination system to

    overcome the food crisis

5. Clean water supply project using mobile solar water treatment


6. Developing scholarship business to share company's profits



  - Founded on the 20th November 2012
  - Oct 8, 2016  Starch processing Plant 
              supplied to Bank of Rwanda
  - Feb 6, 2014~ Present: Exported Coin -
              Tissue to the United States.
  - 2017 ~ 2018   Export of solar power facilities
               to logistics warehouses in Indonesia
  - June 2018 Installed dryer in POSCO in Korea
  - Dec  2018  Installed a waste dryer for
                     KG Chemical Co., Ltd.
  - Dec  2018  Won the Prime Minister's Award
                  from the Republic of Korea.
  - Dec  2019  Exported the pineapple canning
                  plant to Nanofood.INC in Ghana
  - March 2020 Started production and
                 distribution of Kovid 19 quarantine
                 equipment, prevention products
  - May  2020  Started production walk-through
              mobile positive pressurized and
              negative pressurized isolation booth
              for diagnosis  of COVID19
                     1. Installed Nam-gu Public Health
                        Center in Busan-cityhall, Korea
                     2. Installed Yangpyeong-gun
                         Public Health Center in
                         Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                     3. Installed in Seoul Asan
                     4. Installed Buk-gu Public Health
                         Center in Daegu-city, Korea
                     8. Installed Suyeong-gu Public
                         Health Center in Busan-city,
                     9. Installed Changnyeong-gun
                         Public Health  Center,
                   10. Installed Korea Labor Welfare
                         Corporation  Ansan Hospital
                   11. Installed Masan (Changwon)
                         Health Center, 
                         Gyeongsangnam-do , Korea
                   12. Installed Gwangju Public Heal-
                         th Center  Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                   13. Installed Jeju City Public Health
                        Center in Korea
                   14. Installed Jingu Public Health
                        Center in Busan-city, Korea
                   15. Installed in Incheon City Hall
                   16. Installed Gimpo Public Health
                        Center in Gyeonggi-do
                   17. Installed in Ansan Hando