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 -  May  2020  Started production walk-through
     mobile positive pressurized and 
     negative  pressurized isolation booth 
      for diagnosis of COVID19

                     1. Installed Nam-gu Public Health
                        Center in Busan-cityhall, Korea
                     2. Installed Yangpyeong-gun
                         Public Health Center in
                         Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                     3. Installed in Seoul Asan
                     4. Installed Buk-gu Public Health
                         Center in Daegu-city, Korea
                     8. Installed Suyeong-gu Public
                         Health Center in Busan-city,
                     9. Installed Changnyeong-gun
                         Public Health  Center,
                   10. Installed Korea Labor Welfare
                         Corporation  Ansan Hospital
                   11. Installed Masan (Changwon)
                         Health Center, 
                         Gyeongsangnam-do , Korea
                   12. Installed Gwangju Public Heal-
                         th Center  Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                   13. Installed Jeju City Public Health
                        Center in Korea
                   14. Installed Jingu Public Health
                        Center in Busan-city, Korea
                   15. Installed in Incheon City Hall
                   16. Installed Gimpo Public Health
                        Center in Gyeonggi-do
                   17. Installed in Ansan Hando
   Installed in public institutions
   of the Korean government

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